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Water Heater Parts

water heater parts

Most home water heaters are set up on basic parts and components system. Water is heated and stored in a water tank that usually rests atop a water heater core or box. Water lines from the heating unit lead to the water tank and out to the different water outlets. The water tank and its pipes must be kept clean at all times and maintenance are almost always required.

Types of Water Heater Parts

To keep your water heater parts working smoothly and efficiently, it is necessary to periodically inspect and service them. Occasionally parts will need to be changed to prevent problems such as excessive burning or freezing. A leak inside a water heater can cause the loss of precious hot water and can even result in damage to your home. A cracked hose or one that is leaking will result in inadequate hot water supply and inadequate or no water pressure. Leaks around water heaters can result in mould growth and other health hazards.

Other types of water heater parts include the vent, gas water heater parts and electric water heater parts. The vent should be inspected regularly. If you detect any missing or loose hardware you should replace it right away. Leaks under the vent may cause excessive smoke or irritating odours to develop.

Anode and cathode hoses are integral to most gas water heaters. Anode hoses carry a positive electric current and help keep gases flowing toward the vents. Normally the venting system will consist of two hoses; a positive one going toward the combustion chamber and a negative one, going back to the outside of the flue. When either the venting system or the anode or cathode is broken you should replace them immediately.

Venting Systems

The electric venting system consists of venting fixtures that can be single holed or double holed. Sometimes these are soldered into the pipe, but in many cases, a simple quickening of the pipe will suffice. When replacing the venting fitting either the anode or the cathode side will usually be a better fit than the other.

water heater parts

Flue pots are often replaced by the electric water heater itself. There is typically a cast iron cover with a ferrous iron top. The cover has a hole in the centre of it. This flue pot is typically round and about an inch in diameter. It has an opening in the top near the top of the water tank, where the water enters when it is poured into the water heater. The top of the flue pot is often covered with copper wiring and a small hole where the hot water tank fits.

Tankless Heaters

Tankless water heaters are usually smaller than traditional water heaters. They have an insulated tank that is filled with water and a heating element placed inside of the tank to heat the water. These systems do not require a large plumbing job as other systems do. Instead, all the components of the tankless water heater are located inside of the home so there is no need for a new tank to be installed.

Several other parts may be required for certain systems. Water heaters that are sold without parts are usually not as efficient as ones that come with parts. If you are looking for information on these types of systems you should consult an expert at your local HVAC dealer. These experts often carry a selection of brands of residential water heaters.

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